Mortgage Insurance


Open the Door to Sooner, Safer, and Smarter Homeownership

A loan with mortgage insurance may be the safest, most affordable option to help you achieve the dream of homeownership. Mortgage insurance allows you to responsibly buy a home years sooner, even if you have a low down payment. And after closing, if a financial setback occurs, our one-on-one homeowner assistance can help keep you secure in your home.

At its core, Mortgage Insurance provides these advantages for homebuyers:

  • Competitive monthly payments
  • Steady monthly payments that never increase
  • Convenient and easier closing paperwork than an FHA loan
  • Mortgage insurance premiums that are tax deductible1
  • Peace of mind if times get tough
  • Cancellation of the mortgage insurance upon building sufficient equity (approximately 80% of the home's original value)

And with Mortgage Insurance from Genworth, you may be able to take advantage of our additional benefits that help you after you move in. Ask your lender for more information about:

Homebuyer Privileges®

Get discounts and rebates - valued up to $3500 - on the things you need most for your new home. Ask your lender if they participate in Genworth’s Homebuyer Privileges program.

Homeowner Assistance Program

In times of financial hardship, our Homeowner Assistance Program is here to help. Genworth professionals work one-on-one with you and your lender to structure a loan workout and help keep your dream of homeownership safe.

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Mortgage Insurance discussed in this website is underwritten by either Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corporation, Genworth Residential Mortgage Insurance Corporation of North Carolina or Genworth Residential Mortgage Assurance Corporation.

1. MI Tax Deductibility is currently unavailable for mortgage premiums paid on or after January 1, 2012. While the legislation is expected to be renewed by the end of 2012, it may not be. Check with your tax advisor for full details.